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Destinations Collection

Welcome to Our Winter Collection! 


All These scents are RTS. 


We are featuring 5 new amazing scents! 


First up is Aspen!  


This is my favorite from this collection, Aspen is a wonderful blend of Sweet Sugar Cubes and Bright Spruce.  



After a recent trip to Lexington in October, Carlos and I knew we wanted a scent that would embody the rich bourbon and oak wood that we had expereinced. 


Alexandria- **Carlos Top Pick! 

This a sweet gardenia (but not overwhelming) and has sublte notes of Sweet Orange Petals. 


Coconut Grove-

Coconut Grove is a delightful blend of Star Anise, Cedarwood and a light coconut perfect for the man in your life! 



Bali is the lightest of the 5 scents, but don't count it out. It has a sweet blend of Fresh and Clean, with the Fresh ozone and Rocky Coastline, Followed up with Wild Violets. 


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