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January 2020 Update/Restock Dates!!

It crazy to think its whole new year! We have so much in store for everyone!

Firstly, we are having a price increase through 1/21-2/1. Most products are going up approximately $5 per product. (Example- 1600mg body creme was $25 and is now $30)

However, our free ship over $35 is still staying the same, and we will have a monthly coupon code to help offset this increase.

Second, We are going to try to stay as close intune with the seasons as we can! I know for 2019, we were behind on most seasons. We also are going to try and have monthly boxes with fresh new products (bubble bars for feb!) and more.

We hope this will be a year of fun new scents inspired not only by the events that we do, but also the customers we love, so if you have a scent or product you'd love to see then shoot us a message in the chat box, on our facebook page, or an email. We love to hear what your wanting us to make next!

Restock Dates-

The first restock of the year will be 2/1. This restock will have our Love boxes, and a few other sweet surprises for Valentine's Day!


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