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Meet The Team: Meet The Team

The Shriner's 

Owners and Founders


The Shriner's
We are a veteran and family owned and operated husband and wife team.We live in Hermitage, Tn, and We consist of Carlos, Marissa, Elizabeth, and Baby Marissa. 
Carlos is combat veteran who believes in unconventional healing methods.
Marissa is a Missouri transplant, prior surrogate and animal activist who loves helping others and has a scent addiction.

Elizabeth loves decorating your shipping boxes, and Putting together Goody Bags!(So if you get one missing Candy, You can thank her)

Baby Marissa is a wonderful new addition who joined the family in early Jan 2020.
​We also have 3 furbabies! Kenny, Loba, and Jigsaw! Kenny is a 15 pound chiweenie who loves lounging around and loves a piece of cheese. Loba is a mix breed from Mexico, who enjoys playing with Elizabeth!


Our Sweet Pharm Cat Jiggy (Jigsaw) Passed in May 2022 after 14 Years with us. 

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